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Working abroad: find out here why people go to other countries and what they expect there.

Start in a new homeland.
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Digital nomads – that’s the first keyword that comes to mind when talking about expats and New Work. Expats are exotics; the vast majority work full-time and in stable positions; only 11 per cent are self-employed or freelancers. This is a result of the study Expat Insider 2021 conducted by InterNations, the world's largest expat community. Read here more about the interesting facts.

Why do people go abroad?

The main reason is work: 47 per cent of all expats worldwide have moved abroad on this account; 52 per cent of all German expats. The reason “out of love” trails behind with 10 and 11 per cent. Incidentally, 21 per cent of German expats were sent abroad by their company, compared with only 17 per cent worldwide.

The top 3 industries for expats

There are big differences here: German expats mainly work in mechanical engineering and engineering (13 per cent), followed by IT and education. Globally, education (12 per cent) is just ahead of IT and finance.

What do expats like about their jobs?

New Work values are the answer. German expats appreciate creative and interesting tasks, the possibility of mobile work and work from home, flexible working hours and good pay. Worldwide, expats name a good work-life balance in the TOP 3, and good pay loses its place in the top slots.

What do expats want from their dream job?

No differences in the answers here, and a classic interest ends up at the top: good pay. But this is followed by New Work values. The desire for a good work-life balance comes in second, followed by creative and interesting tasks.

Where is New Work most important?

InterNations also asked expats in which countries New Work plays the most important role in corporate culture. The USA enjoyed top positions in the international community, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Finland. Germany came in only midfield. When choosing a new homeland, however, New Work doesn’t seem to play the greatest role for Germans. The USA takes the lead as a guest country, but then come Switzerland (New Work rank 23) and China (46th place out of 55 countries).

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