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Highly qualified and immigrated

Why engineer Dinesh Singh chose to live and work in Germany.

Clara Krug, 17.01.2023
Highly qualified professional: Dinesh Singh
Highly qualified professional: Dinesh Singh © Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

"I first travelled to Germany 25 years ago. It was a quite a long visit back then. I am an electrical engineer and had just joined my current employer, Dräger. The company develops and produces applications in medical and safety technology. At the company headquarters in Lübeck, northern Germany, I took part in an international training programme for a year and then worked for Dräger in Delhi and Mumbai for a good 15 years until they suggested that I transfer to the Lübeck headquarters.

High level of education, good school system

Their offer was good and, together with a relocation agency, the company took care of all the formalities such as my residence permit and recognition of my university degree. However, the first question on my mind at the time was whether the conditions would also be right for my family to emigrate to Germany. My wife has a doctorate in physics and wanted to continue working in Germany. Our children were at elementary-school age at the time, and their education was very important to us. The German education system has a good reputation, and the education level is high – and that spoke for Germany. After a look-and-see trip organized by Dräger, we decided to come to Germany. At the beginning, the new language and the unfamiliar environment were a challenge, especially for our children. And for my wife, getting a job was more difficult than planned. But in the end everything worked out well, and we would make the decision to live in Germany again.

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The past two years have been intense. With the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, I often worked from home, which was unusual at first. Among other things, Dräger manufactures medical ventilators, which were suddenly urgently needed all over the world. We had to ramp up production quickly. We can feel how proud everyone is to work for a company whose products save many lives every day. Even before the pandemic began, I found the working atmosphere pleasant: you can sense loyalty and great mutual respect in the teams. Product development has a high priority in many German companies and is very innovative; there are good opportunities for further and advanced training. That also speaks in favour of Germany as a place to work."


Dinesh Singh, 51, is a product manager in Dräger's medical division; he comes from India.


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