Wunderbar together

The former director of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Peter Schäfer.

Conflicts between the federal government and the BDS movement

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Power rankings

Bill Gates is wrong. Nuclear power will not save the climate. Beyond Chernobyl and Fukushima, there’s too much speaking against it.

The wander years

Johanna Röh is one of the very few women ever to take up the old German tradition of the “Wanderjahre”, a custom that even brought her to Mexico, Canada and Japan as a craftsperson.

An awesome trip to Berlin

Wir wollten wissen, was Deutschland für euch bedeutet. Dacia Zimmer und ihre Schwester haben die spannende Reise nach Berlin gewonnen. Schaut euch an, was sie dort erlebt haben!

The Wurst is over

Until only a few years ago, vegans were still subject to ridicule from the majority of consumers. Now, not only Berlin has emerged as a hot spot for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Truth Humor

Facebook is funding research on media, ethics and innovation. Is this a welcome promotion or a damnable colonization of journalism by a tech giant?
Many Germans helped welcoming and integrating refugees – and are still helping.

Germany has not forgotten the lessons of the Nazis

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Engender equality

Women in Germany are still massively under-represented in positions of leadership in business, politics and culture, but they themselves contribute to this stagnation.

Zee Germans & their dogs

Dogs are popular pets all over the world, but there’s something special – one might say odd – about the Germans’ relationship with their four-legged friends.

These truths

The histrionic debate over nationalization and forcible expropriation in Germany distracts from a more urgent conversation.

Swimming to Berlin

Two female Syrian swimmers who saved others from drowning while fleeing the war: Their heroic flight from war-torn Syria made the Mardini sisters, Yusra and Sarah, famous all over the world.

Holding the center

Chancellor Merkel’s opponents can be divided into two camps. But the German chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to become a lame duck.

Saving the bond

The US is decoupling from its 70-year-old partnership with Europe. The trans-Atlantic relationship must start again from scratch.

Partnerstädte: Feuerwehrmann Christopher aus Rockville

„Aus Freundschaft wurde Familie“

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Partnerstädte: Feuerwehrmann Jan aus Pinneberg

„Wir halten zusammen wie Brüder“

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Lest we forget

Filmmaker Luigi Toscano gives victims of the Holocaust the opportunity to speak - and us the opportunity to understand.
Quick facts

nahmen an der 58. Präsidentschaftswahl in den USA teil


nahmen an der Wahl zum 19. Deutschen Bundestag teil

20,4 Millionen

sind in den USA eingeschrieben

2,8 Millionen

sind in Deutschland eingeschrieben

Brian S. Mitchell

„Berufliche und persönliche Beziehung“

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Gemeinsame Geschichte


Auf in eine neue Welt: Deutsche Einwanderer spielen eine bedeutende Rolle in der Geschichte der USA.

Die Weltkriege

Zwei verheerende Kriege, die den Lauf der Geschichte verändert haben. Die USA trugen maßgeblich zum Sieg der Alliierten bei.


Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg übernahmen die USA eine entscheidende Rolle beim Wiederaufbau Deutschlands.

Freundschaft und Ost-West-Konflikt

„Ich bin ein Berliner“ – wie sich die deutsch-amerikanische Freundschaft zwischen Rock’n’roll und Ost-West-Spannungen entwickelte.

Gegenwart und Zukunft

Deutschland und die USA sind transatlantische Freunde, sie teilen viele Werte, sind aber nicht in allem einer Meinung.

Earn while you learn

The US Department of Labor has designated Charleston a national model region for the advancement of vocational training based on the German apprenticeship system.

Not without America

Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the Munich Security Conference explains why Europe must become more independent, yet cannot forgo its alliance with the US.