Germany and the U.S.

The base is loaded

Despite all the US president’s statements to the contrary, the Americans are expanding their military presence in Germany.

US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping

My dearest enemy: Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

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How the West was lost

NATO and the EU were created in a world that vanished 30 years ago. Clinging to that lost era means denying the facts of the present day

Trading down

German companies are doing well in the US, but Trump’s unorthodox trade policy is producing a “climate of instability”.

Saving the bond

The US is decoupling from its 70-year-old partnership with Europe. The trans-Atlantic relationship must start again from scratch.

Wunderbar together

The Year of German-American Friendship aims to encourage exchange and encounter – especially at a time of political differences.
Partnerstädte: Feuerwehrmann Christopher aus Rockville
Twin cities

“Our friendships have become like a second family”

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Partnerstädte: Feuerwehrmann Jan aus Pinneberg
Twin cities

“We stand united like brothers”

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Lest we forget

Filmmaker Luigi Toscano gives victims of the Holocaust the opportunity to speak - and us the opportunity to understand.
Quick facts

participated in the 58th presidential election in the USA 


participated in the election to the 19th German Bundestag 

20.4 million

are enrolled in the USA 

2.8 million

are enrolled in Germany 

Brian S. Mitchell

„Professional and personal relationship“

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Shared history


Away to a new world: German immigrants play a significant role in the history of the USA.

The World Wars

Two devastating wars that changed the course of history. The USA played a significant role in the Allies’ victory.

Post-war period

After the Second World War, the USA assumed a decisive role in Germany’s reconstruction.


A historical milestone: The world grew a little bit closer together when the Berlin Wall came down.

Present and future

Germany and the USA are transatlantic friends; they share many values, but do not always agree on everything.

EUlogy of Defense

No longer able to rely on America’s military leadership, the EU is harmonizing its military capabilities and facilities.

Earn while you learn

The US Department of Labor has designated Charleston a national model region for the advancement of vocational training based on the German apprenticeship system.

We believe in German-American friendship

Our countries are united through deep historical ties, shared values, and bold visions for the future. Join us for a year-long festival celebrating our transatlantic partnership through dialogue, experience, and exchange. #Wunderbartogether

The future of fahrvergnügen

The automotive industry is facing major challenges around the world. German carmakers have more to lose than most and are thus investing a great deal in securing its future.

Not without America

Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the Munich Security Conference explains why Europe must become more independent, yet cannot forgo its alliance with the US.