Young Germany

Was junge Menschen interessiert: Leben, Wohnen, Lernen, Studieren, Arbeiten.
What interests young people: living, housing, learning, studying and working.

Boundless dedication

Many young Germans complete a period of voluntary service abroad after leaving school. Three of them report on their experiences in India, Uzbekistan and France.

Help in the virtual world

Most young people are permanently online – and their social engagement is also moving onto the Internet. The goal then is to have a positive impact offline too.

What do you believe?

Christian, Moslem, Jew – or atheist? In Germany, people are free to believe whatever they choose. We talked to young people about their religion.
Living for Help brings together students and elderly people.
Tip for students

Helping instead of paying rent

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Going vegan is the latest trend. But is it healthy?
Let us explain

Is everyone going veggie?

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