Diversity wins

Deutschland lebt von seiner Diversität
Why Germany champions diversity and how diversity enriches society.
Rainbow flag at the Brandenburg Gate
Let us explain

Setting an international example

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Aminata Belli: Speaking out against everyday racism
Let us explain

Active against racism

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What we desire

Openness in sex, fidelity in partnerships: science journalist Christoph Drösser on the love lives of the Germans.

Studying diversity

Diversity: numerous courses of study in Germany convey the potential that diversity offers and how it can be used. Here are four examples.

Diversity wins

Many companies have long recognized the advantages of diversity and therefore specifically promote it. Three examples.

Advantages in the field

Women are increasingly asserting themselves in traditionally male-dominated fields. The proportion of people with a migration background is also increasing.
Clear statement: pro diversity
Let us explain

The varied Republic of Germany

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Tiaji Sio, founder of Diplomats of Colour
Raising questions

“Increasing visibility”

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A moving moment

It’s been a long journey to marriage for all: two women say what it means to them to have the full rights of a married couple, at long last.

1. Deutscher Diversity Tag

Diversity-Management ist in Deutschland angekommen: Immer mehr Unternehmen haben verstanden, dass vielfältige Mitarbeiter ein besonderes Management brauchen. Der 1. Deutsche Diversity-Tag am 11. Juni 2013 war deshalb ein Erfolg.