Germany: a vibrant art scene

Master Grafik Spezial
Sometimes surprising, other times provocative: The sheer diversity of the German art scene is reflected in the innumerable exhibitions and museums. International artists and art students change the art world and make it so unique in character.

Cape of Good Art

In Cape Town, the Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is opening, launched by leading German executive Jochen Zeitz.

World art in Kassel

Documenta 14 is symbolic of many particularities of the German cultural landscape. We visited with a group of international guests.

Wet feet on an art tour

The exhibition Sculpture Projects in Münster is competing with the Documenta. There is exciting art to discover throughout the entire city.

Special documenta moments

In 1955 the very first documenta in Kassel already attracted a lot attention. And it still does that today. For 100 days every five years the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary art provokes – and stimulates. We present memorable documenta art.

Fine Arts

The Web offers a diversity of information on the visual arts in Germany. Here you‘ll find links on art from sculpture to photography.

Graffiti become cult

In Berlin a Museum for Graffiti is being built, researchers are setting up a graffiti database and companies are beating a path to the doors of graffiti artists.

Barbara the street artist

Heroes of the Internet: the online community loves Barbara the street artist for the intelligent and witty signs that she puts up and photographs around the city – while remaining anonymous.