All change in Germany

Neue Mobilität
An electric car instead of a diesel? A bike instead of a car? An e-bike instead of a bike? Mobility is changing. The latest trends.
In the Netherlands there are more bikes than inhabitants.
Let us explain

The kingdom of cyclists

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E-car paradise: Norway has charging stations everywhere.
Let us explain

The Norwegians pull ahead electrically

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Tram miracle in Strasbourg asks what mobility will look like in the future: Lack of money was in France the reason for the tramway construction - today it is considered world-wide exemplary.

Getting around in German cities

There are only a few places in Europe where #publictransport is as well-connected as in #Germany. If you're visiting, you can easily get around with the #tram, the #subway, #renatalbikes or #escooters.
“bikuh”: advertising between the spokes makes kilometre money.
Social start-ups

Cycling with profit

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The Afri-Car

A Munich-based start-up is marketing a vehicle that could just emphatically improve mobility in Africa.

The latest bike trends

Bike developers from Germany are banking on eco-friendly bikes made of bamboo and on smart cycling computers with more than a hundred functions.

Cycling boom

Cycling is very popular, especially in the German cities. It’s not only healthier, environment-friendlier and cheaper, it’s usually also quicker.