Town and country

Stadt und Land
Where Germans live: facts, figures and interviews on urbanization and rural exodus, urban development and smart cities.
Quick facts

of Germans live in cities or urban areas.


of Germans live in villages with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants.

large cities

are to be found in Germany. These are cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

very large cities

with over a million inhabitants are to be found in Germany: Berlin (3.5 m), Hamburg (1.7 m), Munich (1.4 m) and Cologne (1.05 m)


live in Germany’s smallest independent municipality, Hallig Gröde.


of Germans would prefer to live in the countryside.

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Urban versus rural living

Big cities are thriving and villages are dying out? The situation is not quite that simple. Here are some facts and trends about urban and rural living in Germany.

Lots of new neighbours

Altena has taken far more refugees than it was assigned, and has integrated them in exemplary fashion – even winning an award from the German chancellor in the process.

Housing in Germany

What is German Gemütlichkeit? Find out what a typical living room looks like and which piece of furniture is a must.

Where German people live

A glance at the map of Europe’s most populous country shows that Germany’s 82 million inhabitants live in a multitude of different towns and communities.