Games scene in Germany

Gaming Messe
Interaction, creativity, technology: computer games offer more than entertainment.
Topic of the week: Gaming

A qualification in gaming

More than just a trivial pastime: a lecturer from the School of Games in Cologne explains how you can pursue a career in game development.
Topic of the week: Gaming

Let’s play!

Relaxing on the sofa and watching others play on YouTube. Germany’s best-known gamers explain the fascination of esports.
Topic of the week: Gaming

The pros and cons of esports

Is it really sport? While football associations argue about whether to admit esports, the industry is pinning its hopes on gigantic growth figures.

Learn German by game

Learning vocabulary off by heart is so yesterday. Why language learning games are the best way to learn German and which apps we really recommend.

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Not just for computer geeks: the new Code University in Berlin wants to train the creative digital class of the future.