Cinema in Germany

Berlinale 2020
Glamour at the Berlin International Film Festival, prize-winning films, passionate actors, excellent film academies and the setting for many a Hollywood film.

Avenues to fame

Anyone dreaming of walking along the red carpet in a flurry of flash lights should study at these film academies.
The Grand Budapest Hotel was shot in Görlitz.
Discovered for you

Görlitz or Grand Budapest Hotel?

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Sandra Hüller in Toni Erdmann
Raising questions

Impressive stories being told

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Filmland Germany

Oscar winner, the biggest film festival and the sound of blockbusters: Germany has a lot of cinema superlatives to offer. Ten facts.

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Which way to Hollywood?

Movies made in Germany: German film schools have already produced many talents and international award-winning films. Starting for success in the film sector.