How Germany ticks

We speak German

International Mother Language Day: why there are more German words than most people might think. Surprising facts about the German language.

Berlinale fever

Cinematic, musical and culinary delicacies – and protests on the red carpet: impressions from the Berlinale weekend.
Germany's Staatskapelle Weimar orchestra will be heading to the United States on a tour of 17 US cities.

Quiz on the European Union

Question 1/5
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    In which country do you not pay with Euros?
    Question 2/5
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      Sprachen in der EU
      How many languages are recognized in the EU?
      Question 3/5
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        Menschen in der EU
        Which EU member state has the largest population?
        Question 4/5
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          Wahlen in der Europäischen Union
          Which EU institution do citizens elect directly?
          Question 5/5
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            Noten der europäischen Hymne
            Who composed the Anthem of Europe?





            Berlinale Blog

            Talking Dogs

            Berlinale blogger Gerasimos Bekas saw Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, then rubbed shoulders with Berliners at rush hour.

            That uncertain feeling

            What trends are next-generation German filmmakers setting these days? Philipp Bühler looks at the “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” section of the Berlinale showcasing up-and-coming German talents.


            Daniel Bruehl, Felicitas Rombold

            Cinema in Germany

            Discover Germany, the land of cinema: glamour at the Berlin International Film Festival, prize-winning films, passionate actors, excellent film academies and the setting for many a Hollywood film.

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            Region of the world

            Region of the world

            What Germany is talking about

            Deutschland als Partner in der Welt

            Germany as a partner

            Germany is widely involved in multilateral cooperation and promotes peace, security, democracy, and human rights all over the world.
            What links us all

            Germany and the world

            People who are committed to international exchange and initiatives that link countries.

            The Arab Schindler

            Mod Helmy was a brave man. A Muslim himself, he saved the lives of several Jews in Nazi Germany. Israeli Igal Avidan traces his extraordinary story.

            Say it democratically

            Migration and education opportunities: How pupils in the USA and Latin America immerse themselves in German politics in a public speaking competition.