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100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht

100 years of Women’s Suffrage in Germany

Berlin Fashion Week
Topic of the week

Berlin Fashion Week

Discover Germany’s fashion scene

Excellent sustainable fashion

T-shirts made of wood, recyclable outdoor gear, fair shirts from Africa und fashion, that is individual in every respect - we present four excellent ideas.

Fashionable step forward

Jewellery made from fish skin and bags from garbage – consumers want more sustainability in fashion. The industry is reacting with creative solutions.

Be inspired!

Four German fashion bloggers talk about how social media are turning the fashion industry on its head.

Berlin becomes a catwalk

What do microplastics and digitization have to do with fashion? There is more to the Berlin Fashion Week 2019 than just fashion trends

Do you pay attention to sustainability when it comes to fashion?

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Fashion Quiz

Berlin Fashion Week
Question 1/6
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    Wieviel Kilogramm Kleidung kauften Deutsche durchschnittlich 2017?
    How many kilogrammes of clothes did Germans buy on average in 2017?
    Question 2/6
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      Wer war 2018 Deutschlands am häufigsten gegoogelter Designer?
      Who was Germany’s most googled designer in 2018?
      Question 3/6
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        Welche Marke kommt aus Deutschland?
        Which of these brands comes from Germany?
        Question 4/6
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          Wie viele deutsche Models liefen bisher für Victoria’s Secret?
          How many German models have cat-walked for Victoria’s Secret?
          Question 5/6
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            Wieviel Wasser wird bei der Herstellung einer Jeans benötigt?
            How much water is needed to make a pair of jeans?
            Question 6/6
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              Wer war das erste deutsche Top-Model?
              Who was the first German supermodel?




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              Germany and the world

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              “Shift to Vietnam”

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