Innovation made in Germany

Cutting-edge research from Germany – the most exciting projects, the most important contacts
Saskia Biskup
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Research for progress

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Facial Recognition: a controversial, successful technology Christoph Burkhardt
Raising questions

“Believing in your own ideas”

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Shaping society

What values do we want to live by tomorrow? The question occupies these three figures from culture and society.

Outstanding international links: Antje Boetius
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Cutting-edge research with strong women

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Laura Winterling studied physics before she joined the ESA.
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All-rounders for outer space

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Tomatoes in space

Vegetable cultivation for the journey to Mars and an infrared telescope in an aircraft: A look at the most exciting German aerospace projects
Learning robots are no longer a pipedream.
Meeting people

Master of the machines

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Patents from Germany: production of 360 degree cameras for driverless vehicles.
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How innovative is Germany?

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“Go all out”

The expert Christoph Bornschein knows that digitalization doesn’t work in small steps. Companies need to make radical changes.


These websites show how exciting, many-facetted and well-organized research is in Germany. Explore institutions, locations and focuses.

Smart technology

Driverless cars and smart clothing: how the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is helping shape the future.

Flying high

How ideas from Germany are changing aerospace. Three examples from Munich, Dresden and Bremen.