Update: Energy Transition

Germany aims to use the energy transition to become one of the world’s most environmentally friendly and most energy efficient economies.

Fuel out of air

A good idea from Germany: a young company in Karlsruhe converts CO2 into clean fuel. Here is how this technology of the future works.

A better future

UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn: why do young people become involved in climate protection? Three activists explain their reasons.

Climate protection, not coal

Following Germany’s general elections and ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, Germany is planning to phase out coal. Time is short, but there are still problems to be overcome.

A voyage into the future of energy

Germany is presenting itself as a cultural nation and an energy visionary at Expo 2017 in Astana. Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner of the German Pavilion, explains the concept.

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“Greater importance”

Since 2016 an exhibition has been travelling the world informing people about “The German Energiewende – Transforming Germany’s Energy System”.

No “rollback”

German Federal Minister of the Environment Barbara Hendricks criticizes the current US climate policy plans.

Electricity for everyone

Renewable energies are improving access to electricity in Africa while at the same time mitigating climate change. Germany is supporting this development.

Powerful village

Doreen Raschemann helped to transform Feldheim into the first energy self-sufficient village in Germany.

Bioenergy village, a successful model

Germany has set ambitious targets for developing renewable energy. In our series we present projects that promote the practical implementation of the energy turnaround. deutschland.de series “Energy Turnaround”, Part 5.